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A Little Bit About Us


The Lagziland

 Lagziland is a spacious, private  recording studio located in the scenic Galilee Mountains  - the perfect atmosphere  for composing, writing playing and recording. The studio is on the first floor of a cabin with all wood interior, providing a cozy rustic atmosphere and amazing sound. Above the cabin is an Airbnb with a fully equipped kitchen and a breathtaking view, especially when the sun sets into the Mediterranean Sea.  At Lagziland our musicians are pampered with delicious healthy meals, and an attentive and patient staff.  We encourage   live recording sessions with intimate, attentive music- loving audiences. You can feel the magic in the room as musicians' energy intermingles with the crowd .  We provide recording, mixing, pre and post production and a full pension Airbnb. There is a double bed upstairs and a sofa bed in the room adjacent to the studio but, if there are more musicians at a recording session, Lagziland can arrange overnight accommodations. Lagziland also offers guitar and voice lessons by Shai, a sensitive and skilled musician who invests all he has in his students. Shai can also strengthen pre- production skills in composing and song writing. In 2020 we plan to begin 2 summer music workshops and monthly live recorded jam sessions. In between licks? Enjoy a reflexology treatment , by Ziv a certified reflexologist, middle eastern cooking workshops and  guided hikes in the Western Galilee. Or just relax and enjoy the view.  We also have a home-made sauna to help musicians relax even more. And also…..Good Food is a thing with us so you won't gohungry at Lagziland!

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