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Lagziland Studio

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Lagziland was originally designed in order to provide a professional recording studio for the Lagziel brothers, both dedicated musicians. The whole complex is 120 square meters (360 square feet). The first floor is 80 square meters and includes a spacious recording room (40 sq. meters),
a lobby, mixing room, and lounge with a sofa bed, bathroom and shower.  The second floor serves as a rustic and cozy bed and breakfast for musicians. Both floors of Lagziland are made of solid wood from pine and Cyprus trees. The first floor is acoustically designed especially
for recording and features log beams and century old  train tracks which makes for a warm, robust, rich and well cushioned sound. Our studio encourages live recording sessions, and the
spacious recording room can host up to 35 guests who can serve as an attentive and inspiring audience providing a magical vibe which makes for a great performance. For musicians who want to work on their music over a longer period of time, Lagziland provides a magically rustic and relaxing recording atmosphere. Lagziland is equipped with vintage and state -of- the-
art instruments and recording gear.  As musicians ourselves we are always upgrading our equipment. For more details please see our equipment checklist. Lagziland has its own music technician,and producer  and a music development artist who specializes in pre or post production,  But musicians   can choose to bring their own technical or professional staff to Lagziland. We want you to have all that you need for a positive recording experience, that suits
your personal style…….. and we will do our best to make your stay at Lagziland productive, enjoyable and worthwhile.


Late recording session? Intensive sessions over several days?
Lagziland has it covered! We can accommodate you in several ways- The inexpensive route: Stay over for a minimal addition to your recording package in the small, simple musician’s bedroom

bath and shower next to the mix room. The leisurely route:Want to make your stay at Lagziland more vacation-like and record at a leisurely pace? Want to take time to relax, jam or catch some muses? Welcome to The rustic wooden Lagziland Suite above the studio. The suite is 40
meters and has a huge porch with a magnificent panoramic view of the Galilee mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and ...oh those sunsets! The suite includes a double bed a rustic dining area
and a kitchen complete with micro, fridge, electric burners, a tea kettle and variety of kitchen utensils for those who like to whip up their own meals. Eggs, milk ' wine and snacks on us! Next to the studio is sauna for your relaxation.
Does a band want to stay over? We can make it work at Lagziland


At Lagziland we believe that the recording process is an integral part of each Musician & personal development. For some, the process is pure enjoyment. For others it is a way of self-expression and a means of communication. Music-making can stem from a desire to share with others, or can be felt as a mission. For many it is a therapeutic process or a spiritual encounter. Lagziland wants every musician to enter each session feeling centered , focused , relaxed physically and mentally , in order to allow the recording process to touch the soul of each artist. Feeling tense before a session, pre-occupied or out of shape? Perhaps our holistic approach to music making

can lend a hand. We offer 6 types of pre or post recording treatments: Relaxing classic massage - helps reduce aches and pains and gets the body ready for playing music. Reflexology- Ziv is a licensed reflexologist Examinations and treatments can help you put your feelings in order and relieve the mind and the body. Crystal Eye - an ancient theory based on kabbalistic ideas. It is a
technique used to erase or neutralize memories and to change our perspective on life. Ziv studied this technique at elima College in the Galilee. At Lagziland we believe that part of the recording experience is spiritual development and we want to help our clients go all in. Nutrition based on the Rambam and Dr. Shelton's Natural hygiene- For those who want to improve digestion and general health by changing their eating habits, we offer vegan meals, juice diets, water fasts and healthy cooking advice Physical Therapy - Musicians work with delicate muscles. Tal Lagziel is a physical therapist and she can help alleviate muscle or tendon pain caused by extensive playing. Lagziland can provide you with the exercises you need to keep you you in good shape and ensure that you keep on playing for a long time Voice Development – The musicians , vocal tract is a system of muscles that can benefit from therapy and voice skills, which can not only improve singing skills but can also heal an over strained voice, or alleviate hoarseness or coughing spells. Shai can get your voice into shape!


Well we’re on it
It’s just a thing with Lagziland

We love to pamper our musicians with delicious healthy snacks,
homemade desserts and herbal tea fresh from the garden .
If you record for longer sessions ,home-made meals can be part
of your recording package , and you can get a taste of the Lagziland culinary passion.

From our experience with longer recording sessions we’ve devised a menu based on a few small, healthy meals a day which will keep your energy level high and your mind focused

during your session . Ziv at Lagziland loves to cook and he can whip up delicious and
filling meals; hearty soups, shikshuka, veggie platters with tehina , antipasti ,spicy middle eastern salads, and  colorful vegetarian dishes with rice lentils quinoa , kasha, mesh or
bulgar wheat and more. And for  special occasions you can order non Veggie Chef dinners. Oh and all of our meals are Kosher !

So fill your soul with amazing music you make in Lagziland  and
satisfy your appetite with our nourishing culinary delights


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